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Founder’s Profile

Mr.Venkatesha Murthy (Venky)

Introducing the Executive...

VANS CHEMISTRY is founded & led by Mr.Venkatesha Murthy (Venky). He has a unique combination of professional qualification, technical expertise and commercial understanding about Precious Metals & EEE-Resource Industry. Mr. Venky is a recognized personality in the EEE-Resource market globally.

The Founder has over 25 years of experience in the area of,
  • EEE-Resource Management
  • Precious and Strategic Metals Recovery & Refining,
  • Precious Metals plating
  • Extraction Metallurgy
  • Environmental Protection
  • Design & Set-up of integrated EEE-Resource facilities includes Analytical Lab, EEE-Resource Separation facilities, Metals Refining, Close Loop Pollution Control Systems, ISO standards, Raw Material sourcing, Marketing, Sales, EEE-Resource guidelines, International regulations etc.,

Venky wee consultency

Mr. Venky carries vast experience and exposure in international market and working relationship with multinational companies involved in EEE Product manufacturing, Precious metals, Plating, Mining and Technology providers. He is also well connected with International associations, organizations and platforms involved in framing EEE-Resource guidelines. This has given him an understanding in chemistry of EEE-Resource, metallurgical values and importance in protecting the planet.

He started his professional journey as university lecturer and then held various position & responsibilities as Plating Engineer, Environmental Manager, EEE-Resource Project Manager, Director of plant & operation, Management Representative for ISO and Managing Director of EEE-Resource recycling company. Mr. Venky’s past 25 years of journey has given great knowledge & expertise in recycling, refining & management of EEE-Resource.

As he says, his passion is:

"Recycling of EEE-Resource in an environmental friendly way using right technology & process, and recovery of all valuables without endangering the environment”. Mr. Venky is successful in proving practically that “Waste is not waste but value, resource & money”. The only way to protect and give a greener earth to our next generation is to recycle & reuse the resources in environmental friendly way without endangering the environment & people."

Mr. Venky has 3 Masters degrees (M.Sc.,M.Tech.,MBA),
  • M.Sc.,(Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry)
  • M.Tech., (Master of Technology in Process Metallurgy)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)


  • Established integrated EEE-Resource recycling and precious metals refining facilities
  • Selected as UNEP-APO expert to conduct EEE-Resource workshop for ASEAN countries
  • Selected as a Steering Committee Member for World Recycling Forum
  • International Steering Committee Member of the International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC/ICM Switzerland
  • ISWA Speaker in Australia & Singapore
  • Travelled extensively in Asia, Europe & Americas
  • Speaker for many international conferences held in Europe, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong etc.,
  • Management Representative for ISO 9001, EMS 14001 & OHSAS 18001
  • Selected as Academy board member of Amity Business School, Singapore
  • Member of Technology and Innovation Committee, Waste Management SS Committee, Singapore

Potential clients will able to take the best advantage to increase their recycling efficiency, better returns & importantly complying with both local and international regulations. The driving forces behind his success is “professional knowledge, technical expertise & successful hands-on experience.”

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