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Corporate Profile

VANS CHEMISTRY a Singapore based company; set up with the objective of providing one stop turnkey solution to all the EEE-Resource (or EEE-Waste). We are the First Global Consultant to provide Integrated EEE-Resource Management services. Our Key focus is bridging the gap among the key stake holders of EEE industry.

The key stake holders are:
  • Generators of EEE-Resource (MNCs, Banks, Industries, Institution, Government Agencies, Individual Consumers etc.,)
  • Authorities
  • Recyclers
  • Environment (Protection of environment, Conservation of natural resources)

Generators of EEE-Resource

Our core activities includes:

Our Services includes:
  • Providing technical and management solution for EEE-Resource
  • Providing Consultancy and Technical advice on Precious Metals recovery and refining
  • Providing Technology and expert advice for strategic metals recovery and refining
  • Providing advanced technical solution and set up for treatment of toxic and hazardous substances
  • Assisting the clients in establishing a complete project including environmental impact assessment, permits & licenses, selection of right technology and equipment, establishing process, training, ISO certification and operations

Our business operations are guided by strongly rooted values in environmental protection, and it aims to lead by example through the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company seeks to achieve continued improvement in development of advanced technology through its Research and Development. The Company targets to fortify global efforts towards environment conservation.

The founder, Mr. Venkatesha Murthy (Venky), has intense passion and extreme concern for our globe and human values. A visionary leader with innovation and professionalism, Mr. Venky has spent almost 25 years of his experience in area of EEE-Waste Management, Environment, Human values and Strong ethical practices. The founder is involved strongly in transferring knowledge, developing customized technologies and processes, training and putting the business to the international arena.

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